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john forro

2022 & 2023 Motor Top 20 Award Winner
A.S.E. Master Certified Automobile Technician


John also holds the L-1 Advanced Engine Performance certification and has achieved heavy-duty truck and body repair certifications throughout his career. John has authored 26 automotive manuals, produced several automotive training videos, appeared in many industry trade magazines, and won the PTEN Innovation and Motor Top 20 Tool award.

John has been featured in several training films on subjects such as Silver Bullets, Quick Check Diagnostics, and Mode $06. John is also certified in heavy-duty truck, A-C Recovery, Body Mechanical, State Emissions, and is a State Lemon-law Inspector.


You may have read John’s articles in the industry trade magazines such as Under Hood Service, Brake and Front End, and Tech Shop. John continues to be a working automotive instructor and technician, which enables him to relate to the student's needs as technicians.

John has taught for several of the Nation’s leading companies such as Snap-on, Firestone, Mac, OTC, A/C Delco, Federated, Midas, NAPA, ATA, ASA, ASC, STS, LTS, AAPEX, CARS, Vision, and many others. John has been selected to meet the training needs of several states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York, Nevada, California, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, and North Carolina.


John is incredibly proud of his work and is committed to its first-rate reputation, which he feels will be maintained by providing the highest standard training classes and materials, along with customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed in our industry!

Beyond the scope

"As a working tech, I know that the most important part of training is not only learning new concepts and subject matter, but more importantly, we need today's information to be real-world, and valuable to start making more money in our service bays tomorrow. I have made sure that this principle applies in all of my classes. Unlike other training providers who no longer service vehicles, I feel it is imperative to still work within the industry to relate to my class attendees' needs!"

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