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Making Money with Electric Vehicles

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No matter what we may feel about electric vehicles, they are coming sooner rather than later! This class is designed to be unlike any other EV-related class within the industry. It’s vitally important that the attendees fully understand how these systems work, the components within the systems, and how to diagnose and service these vehicles. This class provides many real-world scenarios that are easy to understand. Topics include: • EV Safety • Motor Generators operation and testing • Inverter operation and component testing • Converter operation and component testing • HV junction blocks • Onboard charging modules and how they work • Charging plugs and the handshake • HV battery packs • HV switching contactors • HV wiring Insulation testing • Regenerative braking • Resolvers Pulse width modulation and motor controlling • EV tooling • Scan tool PID explanations and how to use the diagnostic information • and much more!

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